I’m sorry, but I cannot help you with finding pirated movies. Piracy is illegal and unethical 😉 ( )

Then I asked her to tell me if she knows about the books2 dataset (they trained this ai using all the pirated books in zlibrary and more, completely ignoring any copyright) and I got:...

CHROME (google) is planing to implement DRM (kinda) into their browser ( )

looks like rendering adblockers extensions obsolete with manifest-v3 was not enough so now they try to implement DRM into the browser giving the ability to any website to refuse traffic to you if you don’t run a complaint browser ( cough…firefox )...

Today, Reddit forcibly removed me (and everyone else) as mods of /r/iOSProgramming, a subreddit of about 130k users. I was keeping the sub private / NSFW | Tanner B 🦕🧁 ( ( )

Update: !ios_dev has been created, temporarily managed by @Ategon until some mods volunteer for it

Love devs' attitude towards piracy, TruePianos v1.9.8 (audio VSTi plugin) ( )

This message showed when I entered the serial specifically made for pirates. Right now feeling nothing but respect for plugin devs. Next month Imma buy this plugin 100% fixed, need it or don’t need it doesn’t matter anymore lol.

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