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Ahead of I had a wide-ranging conversation with Mass. DEP Commissioner Bonnie Heiple on @gbhnews "Greater Boston." The conversation included new regulations in areas, landfills, sewer overflows, and other toxic chemicals, , and food waste.

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📚 also also

what are you reading?

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@gbhnews My copy of Emily Wilson’s translation ofThe Iliad finally made it through the holds queue and I just picked it up. ^_^

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@gbhnews Similarly appropriate to the poll, I'm about halfway through Steeped, a fascinating book on how tea "works", both because and despite the author's background in Quantum Chemistry

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Giving @librewolf a try. I like the idea of a browser specifically hardened against browser fingerprinting and tracking. Runs all of my existing Firefox plugins with no problems

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I used it for a while but i hated having to login to my sites every time I reopened the browser. Also 1Password didn’t work with it.

Maybe someday I’ll give it another shot but for now Firefox is ok with me

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fyi, you can add cookie exceptions for individual sites that you want to retain your login information

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The harbormaster in Gloucester, MA, is alleging corruption in that city after being forced out of his job (link in replies).

Israel launched missile strikes into Iran, military official says.

Bitcoin is going to "halve" soon, slashing production of the cryptocurrency in half.

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@gbhnews cafe as a treat 🍡

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This Week in Self-Hosted (19 April 2024)

Activity across the , software launches and updates, a spotlight on - a modern open-source form builder, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The FBI arrested an Oklahoma man for throwing a pipe bomb at the Satanic Temple in Salem, MA.

More than a dozen members of the Kennedy family will endorse president Biden, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also runs.

A "transformative" agreement will help thousands in Mass. leave nursing homes and live independently.

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@pkrowiak @gbhnews This one needed a Both option!

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Is there an option in plasma to snap mouse pointer automatically to default button in a dialog box?

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No. But this sounds possible with an extension.

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I dont know if it exists in plasma but its an option in enlightenment if that helps?

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Installed KDE Neon today but the whole tray area popup is not working?

Updated everything using pkcon update. After installing everything works fine it just that there's nothing when you try to open things like wife selector or power management features.


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@vaseline @kde Haha, oh man I didn't notice. Sadly unavailable 🥹

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Yeah, been driving KDE Neon for a month or so now and on first install it was a mess without several update and reboot cycles. Really stable since but day one was really rough.

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Giving my talk later this morning on Wide Review in , heavily leaning in on and . Then it's back home, finally, after 2 weeks on the road.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

We did a poll and Mass. residents told us they supported making teacher strikes legal.

In a speech to steelworkers, Pres. Biden called for tripling tariffs on Chinese steel.

in 2002, General Hospital aired its 10,000th episode.

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@gbhnews If we must choose, we choose scripted shows that support writers! 😊

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@_L1vY_ ✊✊✊

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Enjoying the knowledge shared by @vmbrasseur about governance, aka "infrastructure for humans". Valuable insights – read them here:

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Was responding to someone and thought: "Wait I should tell everybody that."

Did you know @gbhnews is one of the very few newsrooms in the country with a reporter specifically covering the beat?

Her name is Meghan Smith and you can see her excellent work right here:

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@gbhnews Looking forward to what she has to say about the new ADA regulations for state/local gov websites and apps!

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@gbhnews Hi everyone! 👋 Thanks for the shoutouts! I love hearing all of these ideas. Here's a recent story I did about efforts to get more disability taught in schools:

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Still in development, but got replies working! Once it goes live, replies from the fediverse will show up on

Last major issue is to add some basic moderation. Already got instance-level blocking done so I can easily defederate from bad servers, but want to make sure we can handle any potential abuse from individual users too.

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Come and meet the 41 projects which will receive funding in the latest round of the Entrust and NGI0 Core programs.

We want to thank all the people/teams/communities behind these free and open source projects for their important contribution to a trustworthy, resilient, open internet.

If you want to properly meet each project, come over to and we'll give you a proper introduction.
Or, for a quick hello, see the list below.

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