Linux Gaming

Recommendations for an authentic mousepad?

Hiya peeps, my mouse mat has served its time, and it is time for a new one. Until now, I've had one of these huge ones, that cover half the desk. But I think this time I'm gonna aim for a normal-sized one. I'd also like to avoid cheap Chinese wares or anything low-quality. Anyone got any nice recommendations for mousepads? Do...

What do you use for key rebinding in games?

I've just switched over from Windows to Linux for my daily driver in the last few weeks, and after the initial learning curves everything seems pretty solid. The only thing I really, really need for some games is the ability to rebind keys that the game itself doesn't allow. Examples would be Orcs Must Die 1 (no rebinding at...

Can somebody help me launch The Rage (2001)? ( )

This is my childhood game and I can't make it work on Linux. The menu starts fine and the character selection screen as well, but once I select a character, it crashes. I tried running it with different renderers and different Wine/Proton versions, and it's always the same result....

How are you all partitioning your setup?

I have 2 drives in my machine. Linux right now is installed on 1/4 of the first drive and I am going to start moving parts of my 2nd drive, which is just games on Windows, to a 1/2 combo of NTFS and BTRFS. Essentially giving Linux more space as it replaces Windows as my gaming daily driver. With the eventual plan to move that...

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