[Question] TV consumption SBC's

A few years ago I turned a pine64 rock64 SBC into a kodi box, and saw immediate performance improvement over the stock Roku chip on my TCL TV when streaming from SMB. As always "better" becomes... ehhhhh I want more. I want to stick with an SBC because of power consumption on a box that I'm going to leave running 24/7. So my...

Ask: How do you handle your résumés?

Usually I rely on my network & haven’t needed this kind of document in ages, but I’ve been tasked with creating a résumé for myself. I’ve grown more privacy-conscious every year & I think it’s weird that we are expected to give out so much information about ourselves to companies that lie about their culture & don’t...

Would you teach your kids how to pirate?

My gf and I have had discussions about teaching morals to kids. In that vein, I asked myself, would I teach piracy to my kids? Yes, it’s technically illegal and carries inherent risks. But so does teenage sex carry the risks of teenage pregnancy, and so we have an obligation to children to teach them how to practice safe sex....

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