I'm having a tough time choosing my next android smartphone, any ideas?

I am picky about the features I look for in a smartphone. Hopefully this post can be a good resource for myself and others who have similar preferences. For reference, I am using a Oneplus 7 Pro with a non-functional camera and flashlight....

Is there a way to follow, friend, or subscribe to a user like a community?

Title, basically. Back on Reddit, there was a way to add a user as a friend. It made it easer to identify people (Apollo would highlight friends differently), as well as to see what they’re up to across all communities. There was even a feed for all posts by all friends, which was really useful.

Elden Ring Tarot - III - The Empress ( )

Marika sought freedom from the chains of godhood that the Greater Will had placed upon her. She sought to lead the Tarnished to a different fate than that which had been placed upon them. And so, she set them off into the world, to wage war, to live, and to die, and to one day return by the mercy of grace and claim the Elden...

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