Not The Onion

Red Lobster eyes bankruptcy option after $11M in losses from endless shrimp ( )

"Last year, Red Lobster reported $11 million in operating losses following its flubbed 'Ultimate Endless Shrimp' deal, which backfired when it reeled in too many customers after the limited-time promo became a permanent menu fixture last June. The restaurant chain later reported $12.5 million in losses in the fourth quarter of...

Game studio owner suddenly lays everyone off and blames a Kotaku report that hasn't been published ( )

In the memo, Possibility Space owner Jeff Strain, who previously co-founded ArenaNet and Undead Labs, tells the studio's staff that he was recently contacted by Kotaku reporter Ethan Gach with questions about the closure of Crop Circle Games, another studio he owned with wife Annie Delisi Strain under their company Prytania...

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