Bringing the cancer of the MODERN WEB (TM) to one of the last bastions of the old web (aka the real web!). How Kafkaesque. ( )

This girl acts like Wikipedia owners don't realize this shit. It's about principles. Modern web is simply cancer that is eating out the planet from the inside, one TCP segment at a time (although with HTTP3 and QUIC we gotta call it a datagram!)....

Pi.Alert is dead...💀 Long live NetAlert X 🚀 (network monitoring) ( )

After thinking for about a year about it I decided to rename the project to 🚀NetAlertX. This will help prevent confusion about which fork someone is using, and differentiate it from the now stale upstream project. With about 1800 or so commits over the stale project, I thought, this project deserved a new name. It will also...

Janus, a simple text editor

For the past few months I have been working on a simple windows notepad like text editor. It's nothing special, but when I first switched to linux I looked around and it took me a while to find leafpad. Unlike leafpad however, Janus uses gtk3, a much more modern toolkit then gtk2, it can display and modify binary data, and it...

China now produces more chips domestically than it imports. ( )

China's tech industry is thriving! They produced 3 billion chips daily, with a total output of 100 billion in Q1, up 40% YoY. March alone saw an impressive 28% jump to 36 billion units, driven by growth in NEVs and smartphones (17%). By 2027, China's global share of mature-process capacity is projected to rise from 31% to a...

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