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yr humble servant picked up this banger from a local book purveyor yesterday

it is the autobiography of Rep. Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to the U.S. Congress. She led a remarkable life and her dry, direct wit is a pleasure to read.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The harbormaster in Gloucester, MA, is alleging corruption in that city after being forced out of his job (link in replies).

Israel launched missile strikes into Iran, military official says.

Bitcoin is going to "halve" soon, slashing production of the cryptocurrency in half.

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This Week in Self-Hosted (19 April 2024)

Activity across the , software launches and updates, a spotlight on - a modern open-source form builder, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The FBI arrested an Oklahoma man for throwing a pipe bomb at the Satanic Temple in Salem, MA.

More than a dozen members of the Kennedy family will endorse president Biden, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also runs.

A "transformative" agreement will help thousands in Mass. leave nursing homes and live independently.

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Idea of the day: what if joined the ? That would be game-changing, probably even bigger than .

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 45F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

We did a poll and Mass. residents told us they supported making teacher strikes legal.

In a speech to steelworkers, Pres. Biden called for tripling tariffs on Chinese steel.

in 2002, General Hospital aired its 10,000th episode.

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Hello ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 66F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

Mens' wheelchair division champ Marcel Hug shattered his own course record in the yesterday -- AFTER crashing.

in 1943, scientists discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on a law used to prosecute many participants in the insurrection.

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ok yr humble servant is going to go get a cup of and a bite to eat

If you have requests about:

  • updates on other news stories
  • questions about the history or curious details of the marathon
  • questions about in general

you may leave them as replies to this post

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 55F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles...

Which means it's a great day for a !!!!!

Today is a very special day in Boston as runners take over the streets for the city's iconic race.

See all the sights and news right here:

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I can’t tell you how happy I am to get texts like these from friends. I’m so optimistic about the future of the and always excited to talk about it.

The fediverse is still a tricky concept to explain though. I’d love to hear how you like to describe this gestures wildly at ActivityPub/Federation/Mastodon/Threads/AT Protocol/PeerTube to a friend.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 58F at Logan Airport and visibility is 2.5mi.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley calls the latest round of student debt relief "life-changing" as the Biden administration continues to find ways to eliminate some segments of it.

Harvard says it will resume requiring standardized tests for applicants.

On this day in 1861, the U.S. Civil War began.

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Today was a huge milestone in our quest to federate and tear down the walls around our own walled garden.

First, we launched a new version of Flipboard for iOS and Android which brings the promise of two way federation to life. Now when a federated Flipboard user curates, people in the fediverse can reply, favorite, boost or follow those Flipboard users who will in turn see that activity in their usual notifications tab. Even better, Flipboard users can directly reply to people in the fediverse -- and very soon they will also be able to follow each other.

Second, we federated some of our best curators today who are actively curating more than 10,000 magazines about everything from climate change to kale smoothie recipes. I'm grateful to our many curators and the service they provide to so many others who want to find the best content about a shared interest. I know our curators are excited to have millions more people who could potentially benefit from their curation. I also know that people in the fediverse will give a warm welcome to these curators. Especially now that everyone can hear and talk to each other over what was once two totally separate networks but now increasingly are in one and the same .

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I'm launching a new sister project to the self-hosted apps directory I launched a few weeks ago and am giving the a sneak peek because I need your help!

What are your favorite companion apps for the self-hosted services you deploy?

They must support software that can be self-hosted, be relatively up-to-date, and can be closed source.

Comment below or send me a DM with your suggestions. Thanks!

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 46F at Logan Airport and visibility is a scant half a mile.

in 1814, Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

A memoir by Russian dissident Alexei Navalny will be published in October. Navalny, who challenged Putin, died in prison.

Next Monday is the . We spoke with Haitians who are running to support their homeland (links in replies).

run a marathon:

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 50F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Inflation in the U.S. economy is continuing to run hot, likely delaying interest rate cuts.

Former Trump executive Allen Weisselberg has been sentenced to 5 months in jail for lying during the former President's civil fraud trial.

A mountain goat that got stuck under a Kansas City bridge (!) has been rescued.

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There is a lot of criticism on the for people who won't leave Twitter/X. And, indeed, there are plenty of good reasons for leaving that platform, or for any other commercialized social media platform for that matter.

However, we need to remember that while these platforms are not safe for marginalized people, neither is and the by default. The user base is still overwhelmingly white and European and North American.

And, all other things being equal, this user base tends to be wealthier than other demographic groups, and has more free time as well.

This is important, as running and moderating Mastodon instances is a non-trivial investment in money and time - things that marginalized people are more likely to lack. And given how they are more likely to be subject to discrimination, marginalized people need even more and better moderation - and they likely have to do it themselves, as others are unlikely to even recognize many forms of harassment.

So, stick to Twitter/X and experience lots of harassment... or move to the Fediverse where you will also experience a lot of harassment unless you spend lots of time and resources on moderation? Time and resources you might not have in the first place?

When put that way, it's not such an easy choice to make. Especially if the vast majority of your community is still on Twitter/X, and is unlikely to move to Mastodon without a clear demonstration that the Fediverse is better for their community.

I don't have a solution for this dilemma. But we can't find a solution without recognizing the problem in the first place.

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Sharing what's going on with actual happening over on . Zuck has beef with a small newsroom calling out ethics and they've decided to try wiping it off the internet. Tell all your friends to bring their receipts to before they're gone too

Link to Kansas Reflector article -

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Happy seventh anniversary of "Six reasons Mastodon won't survive" to all who celebrate:

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 42F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

A fire in displaced 30 and killed 1; community recovery efforts are underway.

The Biden administration approved a new wind power project off of that will produce more power than the state's last coal-powered plant.

On this day in 1860, the first Pony Express mail delivery relay riders took off.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 44F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 mi.

20 years ago today, Google launched GMail, prompting some people to think it was an 's joke.

The US Coast Guard is opening a temporary shipping channel near 's fallen Key Bridge.

Emmanuel Valdez hit a 3 run homer to power the to a win over the Mariners.

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This is your periodic reminder that you will be happier in the and find it more rewarding if you are quick to follow people and also quick to unfollow / mute / block.
Quick to follow is important because that's how to build a community of interest.
Quick to unfollow etc. is even more important, because you don't owe anyone here your time or attention and you shouldn't give it to people who don't spark joy.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 38F at Logan Airport and visibility is 7mi.

Congrats to the Punxatawney household; weather-predicting groundhog duo Phil and Phyllis have 2 new babies.

The S&P 500 has set 22 record highs in 2024 as stock traders anticipate interest rate cuts.

has admitted its first class after the decision striking down affirmative action.

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🌞 Good morning ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 43F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

A Southern California police department has been asked by to stop photoshopping LEGO minifig heads onto mug shots.

Investigators are seeking answers on how a container ship lost power, leading to a collision with and collapse of 's Key Bridge.

in 47 BCE, Cleopatra was reinstated as queen of Egypt.

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I wonder if Tumblr actually joined the Fediverse is many people will have the same hatread towards it as Threads.

I guess Tumblr hasn't taken users data and been caught out for it. So maybe not.

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