Why is folder sharing between host and guest in KVM so hard?

I'm having the hardest tine setting up a shared folder between a Linux host and Win11guest. I want to get rid of dual boot, but there are a few programs that I use which are Win only. I have set up a VB VM, but I want a fine tuned KVM VM. On VB sharing is trivial, but I can't get it to work in KVM. I have the host sharing the...

How to make it so frequently used sites don't constantly require 2FA?

I know two factor authentication is considered more secure than just passwords, but here’s the deal: One of my family members uses Linux Mint on their laptop (at my recommendation and yes, they are aware that it’s not a Mac), and while they’ve mostly adapted to the different workflows (coming from a macbook), one of their...

Is there a way to download a Windows.iso anonymously?

Hello, whenever I try to download the Windows.iso from Microsoft, it blocks me because I'm using a VPN. I don't really want to buy proxies or anything for this. I tried to download it off public WiFi but it was way too slow. I only need Windows for updating the EC firmware on one of my older laptops....

Repairing bad sectors in an external drive

So I have this external 2.5" drive salvaged from an old laptop of mine. I was trying to use it to backup/store data but the transfer to the drive fails repeatedly at the ~290GB mark leading me to believe that maybe there is a bad sector on the drive. I tried to inspect the drive using smartmontools and smartctl but since it is...

Janus, a simple text editor

For the past few months I have been working on a simple windows notepad like text editor. It's nothing special, but when I first switched to linux I looked around and it took me a while to find leafpad. Unlike leafpad however, Janus uses gtk3, a much more modern toolkit then gtk2, it can display and modify binary data, and it...

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