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Is there a way to download a Windows.iso anonymously?

Hello, whenever I try to download the Windows.iso from Microsoft, it blocks me because I'm using a VPN. I don't really want to buy proxies or anything for this. I tried to download it off public WiFi but it was way too slow. I only need Windows for updating the EC firmware on one of my older laptops....

What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for?

It seems like the FOSS community is continuing to grow, and FOSS apps keep getting better (Immich reallh blew my mind recently), which is a big win 😎 but there are still many apps I use that I would kill for an open source alternative. I am curious what you guys think? Are there any apps you'd love alternatives for?

lemmylem ,

The creators of MullvadVPN or their identities are not prominently disclosed, which means you have to trust them. For all we know they could be working with Swedish law enforcement or other nations and you'd never know.

lemmylem ,

I'm pretty sure Startpage got sold out to an ad company. I think the best option is just to use SearxNG

lemmylem , (edited )

Libreboot Gaming Desktop

  • Dell OptiPlex 9020 MT Motherboard
  • i7 4790K
  • 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
  • 9TB (1TB M.2 NVME, 2x4TB Hard drives) RAID 0 with LUKS and LVM (/boot stored on SD card)
  • NZXT S340 Elite Case
  • EVGA 700W BR
  • Kicksecure GNU/Linux

Libreboot Server

  • Dell Precision T1650
  • Xeon E3 1275 V2
  • 32GB DDR3L 1600Mhz RAM (ECC)
  • 8TB (2x4TB Hard drives) RAID 1 with LUKS and LVM (/boot stored on SD card)
  • AMD RX580 8GB VRAM
  • Proxmox VE / Learning to use YunoHost inside VM

Libreboot Laptop

  • Lenovo Thinkpad T440P
  • i7 4810MQ (Recommend i7 4700MQ for better battery life)
  • 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
  • 1TB SSD (/boot encrypted with Argon2)
  • 100% Free BIOS (LibreMRC), Intel Management Engine is still present but neutered
  • Intel AC 7260 (Can run without blobs when running Linux-libre kernel)
  • AR9271 USB for WiFi (100% FOSS)
  • Kicksecure GNU/Linux with Linux-libre kernel (Removed all non-free-firmware with vrms)

GrapheneOS Phone (100% FOSS in the OS layer)

  • Cheogram / JMP.chat for Calling / Texting
  • Mint Mobile for Service (Cash)
  • Ported number into JMP.chat
  • F-Droid

LibreCMC Routers (100% Free Firmware/Software)

  • ThinkPenguin R1400 Ethernet (1Gbps)
  • ThinkPenguin R1300 WiFi Router (100Mbs)
  • Running under MullvadVPN (Paid in XMR)

OpenWRT Network Switch

  • D-Link DGS-1210-28MP
  • VLAN Support

Yeah that's pretty much my setup, don't know if it's really strange or not lol

lemmylem , (edited )

It can play all my games at 1440p and ultra settings (RDR2, GTA V, etc.) I've never had a time where I've wanted to upgrade from it. I built most of this computer for about $450-$500, all used parts I got off eBay plus some other parts that I pulled from my other computer

lemmylem ,

A bit, it's actually not too bad. Rarely any micro stuttering on ultra settings in RDR2, I am actually planning on buying the AMD 7900XTX graphics card to put in this machine. I want to run local LLMs on it, I'm not too much of a gamer as I used to be. Anyways, this thing rocks! I love it. Eventually, I'll plan on buying a MSI Z690-A DDR5 motherboard and install Dasharo firmware onto it.

Is JMP.chat expensive? Are there any alternatives? ( lemm.ee )

I've been using this phone number from JMP.chat and I've barely used it for much of anything (Started February 27th, 2024), and somehow its telling me I need $35? I tried out their service plan but it was way too expensive. I only bought it once and took off my credit card after because auto pay kept auto depositing money into...

lemmylem ,

Wondering too, since Docker has a non-root mode, is there a reason to use Podman?

lemmylem , (edited )

"My BIOS is password locked but proprietary (due to compatibility issues)."

"I use full disk encryption, multiple disks, and a second layer of encryption for specific important files (NSA style)"

I recommend switching to Libreboot, I've recently helped add support for the Dell Optiplex 9020 MT, and will soon add support for the Dell Precision T1700 MT. Libreboot allows for full disk encryption, including the automatically encrypting the /boot partition during installation of an OS. I use RAID 0 with 3 disks (LUKS and LVM) on my desktop, with my /boot unencrypted stored on a SD card so I can easily toss it whenever.

For gaming, I've had success using Proxmox to play games like GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege through a VM, even passing through NVIDIA drivers (though I plan to switch to AMD). Although, currently the Haswell boards (9020MT and T1700MT) can't use IOMMU correctly so I recommend using the T1650 for passing through your GPU to a VM. Beware though, the T1650 board can't be freed entirely in the BIOS I believe.

Also, updating your CPU microcode can help avoid potential performance issues. If you're concerned about security, consider GPG signing your kernel with Libreboot GRUB for an additional layer of verification at boot.

lemmylem ,

We shouldn't be mixing FOSS projects with proprietary communication platforms. There are a lot of FOSS enthusiasts who want their setup to be entirely free and open, including Discord into the mix basically goes against the whole philosophy.

lemmylem ,

I'm wondering, is there any anonymous VPN that supports port forwarding to port 80? I'm thinking about self-hosting a website from my server at home under a VPN.

lemmylem ,

Is it really that bad? I haven't had any issues torrenting stuff with Mullvad, although I usually don't torrent files above like 20GB

lemmylem OP ,

NanoPi R2C has 1 gigabit speeds and you can run LibreCMC with little to no blobs :)

It is a Ethernet only router though, no WiFi.

Is there a site where I can buy accounts?

Hi, I'm looking for a site that resells accounts for places like Hiltons, Wendys, Dominos, etc. Preferrably sites that accept Bitcoin or Monero as currency. My friend had a site but they forgot the name of it. Maybe this is the wrong sub? Not sure, but screw it.

Experiencing Audio Cutting Out in Proxmox VE Windows 11 VM

Hello, I'm using a Windows 11 VM on Proxmox VE, and my audio keeps cutting out. I use GPU passthrough with my NVIDIA 2080 SUPER for gaming, but I don't know where this issue is coming from. I've switched audio devices, but the issue persists. The audio cuts out for a few seconds, then comes back. I updated Windows to the latest...

lemmylem OP ,

I disabled SMT to avoid meltdown attacks, so I added 'nosmt' in /etc/default/grub on Proxmox. Currently I'm using a Xeon E3 1275 V2 which has 4 cores, but since nosmt disables hyperthreading, I'm not using 8 cores. I do think you're right though, this problem hadn't appeared before and I believe only started to happen when I started messing around with the amount of cores the CPU has. I'll test it out and keep you updated! Thanks for the advice!

lemmylem OP ,

This was the issue! I enabled SMT and set my CPU cores on the VM from 4 to 8 cores and it fixed it. Thank you so much for the advice!

lemmylem ,

Is AGPL really bad?

lemmylem ,

Well, it hinges on your philosophical stance. GNU prioritizes user freedom by licensing every software piece and its derivatives under Free Software licenses like GPL. The advantage lies in creating an environment where constant license checks are unnecessary, providing a more streamlined and freedom-focused user experience.

lemmylem ,

Read the last part of my inital answer, it's solely that way because no one has the time to keep checking licenses with software.

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