Free and Open Source Software

Looking for self hosted digital asset management

I'm looking to be able to store assets that I've created and purchased (both 3d models and images, potentially audio in the future) on my nas and would love to be able to use something to browse them and filter or sort them based on what kind of usage license I have for them. So if I'm doing a commission I can filter out the...

Overview of Memories Advanced Photo Management Suite that installs inside Nextcloud ( )

Memories is a fast, modern and advanced photo management suite, that installs quickly and easily inside Nextcloud. My video contrasts it with the Photos app that comes with Nextcloud, and highlights some reasons why you may want to use it instead of Photos. This app has face, object, landmark, place, and human action recognition...

Looking for a FOSS Speedometer and Map

It's about time to start tending the pastures again and I'm looking for something that can accurately depict speed logged on the device (android smart phone) along with possibly a map overlay of where I've already been. I think something like a workout/cycling tracker would work if someone can recommend a good one that logs the...

Email service that integrates well with Thunderbird?

I hope I'm not annoying you kind folks too much with my ongoing Tutamail woes, but, in the long slow process of divorcing myself from them (and returning to Thunderbird), I'm looking for an email host/provider that integrates well with TB, meaning that it can sync mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks between the Linux desktop...

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