Looking to buy some Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards

I was found a listing on eBay for a "Mellanox CX354A ConnectX-3 FDR Infiniband 40GbE QSFP+" card for quite cheap. By the sound of the listing title it supports both infiniband and 40GbE, is that right? I would like to try out infiniband, but I would be buying for the 40GbE. And are there good drivers for modern linux distros for...

Installing some weird rails and a server in a rack ! A blog post by me! ( blog.krafting.net )

I got a server case and some rails for free, they were annoying to build (yes, build), and I could not find anything regarding those rails online, so I decided to blog about it, in the hope of helping someone with all the same questions as me!...

Advice On Proposed Router Design

So I'm trying to build a router. Just need something to handle the networking in my house and the plan is to separate things out via virtual local area networks. Anyway, reading a bunch of threads and comments, I think my design will be something akin to this. Is this good or bad? Ultimately I wanna run OPNSense since that's...

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