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Got a DM from the OP:

Hey! Sorry, I'm replying in PM instead for this thread. Since I'm new to lemmy, the post was removed on my instance because I didn't have enough karma to post pictures but it still got published to lemmy.ml.

The things I'm using are:

  • OS: Nix
  • WM: Sway
  • Bar: Waybar
  • Fonts: Iosevka Aile + Pragmata Pro
  • Emacs windows: Eww + Mu4e + .emacs config

Full dots are here https://git.mccd.space/pub/dotfiles/

mrus ,
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fictitiousexistence ,
srpwnd ,

Is this some specific color theme? Do you have the color codes?

Turbo ,

I guess I'm not cool enough.. I have No idea what I'm looking at.

Long time Linux user but this looks really odd to me and I don't know what it is

Dark_Arc ,
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Looks like the sway tiling window manager with a custom theme and emacs open to some elisp ... and a couple other programs open (potentially they're also emacs TBH)

Edit: yeah looking closer all the windows are just different emacs functions

Ramin_HAL9001 ,

Yes! Emacs has already taken over most of my desktop environment apps with the exception of the web browser and a few apps like Blender and Gimp. I haven't gone as far as you, getting each Emacs buffer to display in its own frame in is own WM-level window, but that would make for a more immersive experience. Also, your color scheme is similar to the one I use now. I love it.

I can't wait for the day when software written in Lisp takes over my window manager, then my panel, then my session manager, then my whole operating system kernel.

theshatterstone54 , (edited )

If you want each of them to be their own window you can do a:

emacsclient -c -e '(elfeed)' 

to do that. (Note: not completely sure of the syntax but that's the basic idea of it)

Edit: Added -c flag to create new frame (window)

Ramin_HAL9001 ,

That might work if I re-bound the split-window function to launch a new Emacs client, because this is the function that most other Emacs functions use to split the frame into windows.

But I think a better approach would be to just add a single rule function into the display-buffer-alist that always asks for a new frame no matter what the input is.

Mickey Peterson wrote an article on how Emacs manages its own windows, and the Elisp Manual on Windows is pretty good too.

theshatterstone54 ,

Correction: it's

emacsclient -c -e '(elfeed)'

The -c flag seems important, as it creates a new frame (a new window)

survivalmachine ,

God's, that's beautiful!

nfsu2 ,
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This is so clean, although I'm not a fan of light themes this one definitively checks the boxes of consistency, tidyness and simpleness.

Presi300 ,
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desktop's built like a flashbang fr

bionicjoey ,

Ngl it'd look great on an e-ink display though. I really wish that tech would make some big advances

cerement ,
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I had big hopes for the Pixel Qi technology (high-res LCD layered over a low-res color display that could be turned off to save power)

quaff ,
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Is there an overview of what is being used? 🙏

rotopenguin ,
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That sounds a lot nicer than the jav ascript garbage colle ction nightmar e that is gnome-m utter / gjs

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