feedum_sneedson ,

Oh, I shouldn't think so.

samus12345 ,
@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

Wolf domestication speedrun.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Can they get on with that, please?

umbraroze ,

Yeah why are wolves always portrayed as enemies. They're so fluffy and howly! Just give them food.

Anticorp ,

Congratulations, you just invented dogs.

EdibleFriend ,
@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

And that lead to creating furries so, you know, fuck that guy.

umbraroze ,

I thought the Egyptians were responsible for that!

I mean, look at 𓆉 Gardner I2, and don't tell me it's not similar to the modern hieroglyphic 🐢 U+1F422 TURTLE. Appreciation of the animals has what has kept the civilisations stable and true. Like the turtles. Can you point to any example where society has fallen if they appreciated turtles so much that they dedicated a letter for them? (Or in case of the Unicode Age, twice?)

swordsmanluke ,

I DM for my kids. Our first dungeon ended with an ogre-mage sending undead after the party.

The heroes made quick work of most of the zombies and skeletons - and critted the ogre-mage so fast that the dungeon was cleared in record time...

And then the party's necromancer (My oldest) decided to raise the ogre-mage. And made them his undead lich-thrall, with instructions to rule the dungeon until the necromancer's return to the region...


halfway_neko ,
@halfway_neko@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

the circle of life dungeon

FordBeeblebrox ,

Necromancer is on the way to becoming the BBEG for next campaign

swordsmanluke ,

I'm thinking my kids Necromancer may learn a thing or two about the dangers of powerful, undead underlings...

Liches are a big responsibility. You can't just create unlife and walk away!

zaph ,
@zaph@sh.itjust.works avatar

Early into my first campaign with my current group I had a similar situation. We were in our first dungeon and our group was arguing about what to do next because we'd just lost an NPC due to our stupidity (our dm actually murdered him because he didn't like him but it was played off too well) and my character discovered the secret during their argument. So I went off on my own (usually impossible because I'm a giant mushroom but they were deep into their argument) and found the boss who just took out the NPC. I thought the description of the boss was too awesome to kill so I tried befriending him. And succeeded. He's still an NPC in our current campaign and if he ever dies I'll kill the whole group then myself.

ilinamorato ,

I had to rewrite a decent chunk of my home game with my kids because instead of killing one of the big bad's lackeys they made a really lucid and cogent argument and convinced her that they could help her instead. I had already made a big deal out of how smart and logical she was, so once they presented facts and reason to her, she had to change her mind. So I had to turn her bodyguard into an insane zealot, just so they could have someone to fight for the rest of the session (and so that I could take the next few days to rewrite).

A few sessions later, they crit-succeeded in their attempt to convince a drake to stop fighting them (we're playing PF2e, so crit successes on skill checks are possible). Coupled with an errant blow from the drake's handler which enraged him into attacking the handler, and now the kids think they can diplomacy every situation into a new friend.

littlebluespark ,
@littlebluespark@lemmy.world avatar

They're not completely wrong, though... Just, don't let them grow up to be bards, ya know?

novibe ,

Parenting tip: be careful with excess diplomacy, your children might grow up to become bards…

Albbi ,

Parenting tip: Teach your kids that Charisma isn't a dump stat. Works in real life too.

littlebluespark ,
@littlebluespark@lemmy.world avatar

Sheeeyit. Teach your kids there are no dump stats IRL. 🤌🏽

BallsandBayonets ,

I mean, I'm not often swinging a sword so I dump STR, and I have a feat called AuDHD which lets me use my INT modifier on my initiative rolls so I dumped DEX too. Been mostly a spellcaster throughout my life so it's worked out so far.

littlebluespark ,
@littlebluespark@lemmy.world avatar

Ha! I like your style, fellow caster. Personally, I'm not sure if the stage notes have me down as a warlock or bard, but the suspect demons have been pretty quiet of late, so I'm leaning on the latter — purely out of coping mechanism, though. Bard College always struck me as an oxymoron, frankly. 🤪

acockworkorange ,

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bards
Don't let 'em pick guitars or drive them old wagons
Let 'em be healers and wizards and such

Anticorp ,

See? This is what's wrong with kids these days. Way too much reasonable discourse and not nearly enough unchecked violence.

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