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When I was a dumb, naive kid, I just assumed that everything ever recorded, photographed, written, etc was saved somewhere in some form for the sake of history, art, science, and just posterity.

It was a huge gut check finding out that wasn't even remotely the case, and in fact a lot of good shit is gone forever because someone reused the tape or throw it out or whatnot. 😔

Everything we make is special. Even the dumb shit. It all needs to be preserved, catalogued, and recorded.

cmnybo ,

Video tape used to be insanely expensive, so it was very common to reuse the tapes. Unfortunately, that meant that a lot of the early TV shows were lost. Back then the only way of recording video at home was on film, so it was very rare for anyone to have a copy of them.

Qkall , (edited )
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I love you Ross. You fighting the good fight. Probably for no reason as I doubt he'll have any impact... But I'm fucking rooting (I haven't watched it yet so maybe that'll change my mind.... But On bunny watch... She can't be trusted. )

edit - just finished. well written, well researched... but seems a lil optimistic even for how realistic he seems to be. but damn it i hope he WE win

blindsight ,

It might have a chance. If even 100 game owners in France all complain to the regulator, they might investigate and issue a large fine? idk how realistic that is, but it's plausible. Conservatively, if 100K copies sold in France at 50€ a pop (?) that's 5 million €. That might be sufficient precedent to keep other companies from deleting millions of users purchases regularly. It wouldn't cost $5MM to build offline play capability into games, especially if it's designed for it to begin with.

I'm Canadian; I'll do my part once the petition goes live here, but I doubt Canadian regulators will do shit.

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