assassin_aragorn ,

He's horrific, and the West should really be imposing sanctions.

Voran ,

Poo in the loo!

Blackmist ,

When future mutated kids read about this in history books from their bunkers, they're going to think we're making it all up.

KeenFlame ,

Oh, then may I ask what the fuck is wrong with you

TheBat , avatar

His state has built a massive cricket stadium with his name.

And both pavillion ends of the stadium have names of his capitalist masters, Adani and Ambani.

Which makes for a fucking hilarious mental image of him getting spit roasted by his corporate masters.

mojo_raisin ,

Modi is a pig that could use that treatment.

njm1314 ,

Fascist going to say fascist things I guess. It's amazing how the rest of the world is ignoring him.

Alpha71 ,

what am I supposed to do about it? he's a local problem that requires local solutions.

ConditionOverload , avatar

Fucking religious tyrant. He's a useless waste of space.

TheGalacticVoid ,

The sad thing is that he's done actual good for his country along with his raids on journalists and incitement of violence.

mlg , avatar

The guy responsible for the Gujrati Massacre doesn't believe in human rights

color me shocked

ObviouslyNotBanana , avatar

The same country that is looking into creating their own democratic index because they're falling on the real ones now is too focused on rights. Seems totally coincidental.

BestBouclettes ,

If reality doesn't reflect your views, you just change your reality. That's very common unfortunately...

Deceptichum , avatar

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

SnokenKeekaGuard , (edited ) avatar

Modi is one of the most underrated modern villains. An absolute cunt.

catculation , (edited ) avatar

He is real life Big Brother from George Orwell's 1949 1984

SnipingNinja , avatar


Eyck_of_denesle ,

The next supposed candidate to replace modi is much worse. Look up Uttar Pradesh and it's chief minister Yogi Adityanath. It's only gonna get worse for India.

TheBat , avatar

His real name is Ajay Singh Bisht.

Yogis shouldn't be in politics. That charlatan deserves to be in jail.

fastandcurious ,

You antinational 😡😡🤬

Edit: Just clarifying this is the excuse RW’s use when you criticize modi/yogi

Eyck_of_denesle ,

That was a pretty old insult. Now they just call you slurs or make islamophobic comments regardless of your religious beliefs

Also there's no proper "left" in India. It's just the RW disguised as left and as soon as a topic related to nationalism arises they show their true colours.

Kjev OP , avatar

There is a proper left. They do not participate in the electoral process.

fastandcurious , (edited )

I find it jarring that the world seems to be turning a blind eye, India is almost on the same level of Russia at this point, people are killed in protests, opposition leaders get arrested on bs or even no charges (edit: and it was recently amended by BJP(Modi), 2018 ig, that guilty until proven innocent, I won’t bother explaining why it’s bad), laws are constantly amended to give the ruling party more power, both the ED and EC and the lower level courts are practically extensions of the ruling party and they don’t even bother hiding it, media praises modi 24x7, there hasn’t been a single press conference since 2014, and there is even a new scheme where if you want to participate in any sort of social media, you have to practically get registered with the government, and they can strike down any content they want without any warning

Oh wait, India is a trade partner of the US? Sorry my bad

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