Vincent ,

There's a convention to append a tilde to files/folders that are backups, so presumably some app at some point made a copy of /usr/local/share/applications, and then the original one got deleted?

LucidBoi OP ,

That's odd. I'll delete it since it's empty and create a new one called just "applications". I tried having both yesterday, but it didn't work even though I put the Syncthing .desktop files inside and restarted my PC.

specter , avatar

new tilde backdoor?

markstos ,

In a terminal, try ls -l /usrlocal/share/* and see if it’s there.

humbletightband ,
LucidBoi OP ,

Why would it even be there? This is a fresh install of Zorin OS. I'll just change it.

billgamesh ,

This isn't DOS and probably isn't a FAT filesystem. Tilde isn't a wildcard in linux

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