helenslunch ,

ESP all the things

Midnitte ,

Seems like a fairly good option.

I was looking forward to this kickstarter, but it's been months without a launch so I'm thinking it's just vaporware at this point.

Jake_Farm ,
@Jake_Farm@sopuli.xyz avatar

Is PCB as the structure a new thing or has that always been a thing?

brisk OP ,

There are a few PCB drones out there.

Most PCBs, even really cheap ones, are made from FR-4, which is a very robust fibreglass. It's would be a pretty decent choice for drone components in general.

Not drones, but Carl Bugeja on YouTube makes some fascinating machines almost entirely out of PCBs (although he uses a lot of flex PCBs, not just FR-4).

Jake_Farm ,
@Jake_Farm@sopuli.xyz avatar

I've seen some of his videos and thought it was a relatively new service offered by these custom pcb companies.

Thann ,
@Thann@lemmy.ml avatar

A PCB drone is essentially disposable =\

GBU_28 ,

Ideal for purposeful rapid kinetic disassembly

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