Looking for a FOSS Speedometer and Map

It's about time to start tending the pastures again and I'm looking for something that can accurately depict speed logged on the device (android smart phone) along with possibly a map overlay of where I've already been. I think something like a workout/cycling tracker would work if someone can recommend a good one that logs the path you've taken?

I've looked at Blue Square Speedometer and it seems like a solid starting point, but the path tracking would he super beneficial if anyone knows anything.

Thanks in advance all!

redd ,
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FitoTrack is a nice open source fitness tracker which shows the path on OpenStreetMap background. It logs position and speed data.

You can create a custom workout which shows you the current speed instead of average.


What do you actually need it for?

Big_Boss_77 OP ,

Just need to know my speed on the tractor so I can accurately measure the amount of fertilizer I put on per acre. I have a simple tractor with no Speedometer so I use my phone to track my mph in order to factor propper spray rate.

Couple that with the map to ensure adequate coverage of my acreage and I've got the necessary tools to ensure that my land is properly maintained.

redd ,
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FitoTrack may be suitable for that.

If the Map is not fitting totally you can even correct it on OpenStreetMap.org by yourself

Big_Boss_77 OP ,

Yeah, OSM isn't bad, I have dabbled with it a bit on another app I have tried. Thanks for the info!

Swimmerman96 ,

It doesn't have a speedometer function, but I selfhost Owntracks for personal location tracking with my Android smartphone.

It has a back end that an android app sends location too, and a front end that displays those location points over a map. It can display lines between consecutive points, show a heatmap of the location points, filter location history within windows of time,, and more.

Big_Boss_77 OP ,

This could be something, I'll have to see about integration between this and some other apps I've read about. Maybe I can cobble something together.

Thanks for the info neighbor!

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