kevincox , avatar

Happy to see this. But personally I prefer to just subscribe it the RSS feeds. Gives me the videos I am interested from whatever platform they are on all in the same place.

I also like to have them be a bit more "durable" than my ActivityPub is right now. There I generally just scan it occasionally and frequently miss things. In my RSS reader I can mark things as read when I am done with them to not miss anything. (and don't keep seeing the same stuff repeatedly if I keep checking back)

fruitycoder ,

Sick I might actually get a nebula account, though I worry about the legality (and accidentally supporting a proprietary entity right before it slaps this service down). Any details I'm missing that might assuage my fears?

spaduf OP , (edited ) avatar

The creator is a nebula employee. Don't believe it's officially sanctioned, but they aren't distributing videos, just notifying of new releases. Should all be in the clear based on my limited knowledge.

stevedidwhat_infosec ,

Can you speak more to this? Why is this a good and sustainable solution we should consider?

spaduf OP , avatar

Well my own usage so far consists of a mastodon list with my favorite peertube, nebula, and other video creators. Since it's chronological, it roughly serves the same purpose as the OG YouTube subscriptions page.

stevedidwhat_infosec ,

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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