Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

Ew... That is the ugliest battery icon I've ever seen. Can I just keep it the way it is now, please?

limerod ,

The changed icons are already present on most 3rd party OEM roms. Outside of AOSP based roms hardly noteworthy. The new chip based charging indicator is a bit difficult to read but the slightly improved animation is ok.

TonyOstrich ,

I just want the option to have my quick access icons be circular buttons and not this massive blob BS. I got pretty used to having like 20 (maybe a couple less) things that were all accessible from a single spot. It was nice.

catloaf ,

They're finally reverting the separation of battery icon and numeric percentage? Sweet! I never liked the current implementation.

But other than that, it really doesn't look significantly different.

limerod ,

This has been a thing since ages on most OEM devices. AOSP is so much behind. 7 years of updates are really necessary for pixels.

gnuplusmatt ,

Looks a bit shit

I'd be happy if they brought back the wifi toggle instead of making me go into a settings screen

iturnedintoanewt ,

Get ready for your Bluetooth toggle getting the same treatment...

limerod ,

It's a thing on most android smartphones. But, I searched and apparently you can bring that behaviour back on pixel smartphones too. Here's a YouTube video if you are on android 12/13. It may even work on android 14 https://youtu.be/KnhlC4_LbyU?si=zZPcXiQSlUbSHp8W

SuperSpruce ,

Even Motorola thought that was dumb because I have separate toggles on my Android 13 Motorola phone, with the caveat that clicking turning off data gives me an "are you sure" prompt. I just bypass this with the airplane mode button, which is still thankfully 1 click.

SuperSpruce ,

So change for the sake of change. The new icons are fine, and I even slightly like the revamp to the battery icon, but this is still just pointless.

Also, my near stock Android 13 phone already gives me haptic feedback when I long press the quick toggles, so this is not even a change.

prograhammingdev ,

Wow. That battery looks truly terrible.

avidamoeba ,
@avidamoeba@lemmy.ca avatar


SuperSpruce ,

Why? It's pointless but not detrimental imo.

RGB3x3 ,

because it's pointless and annoying on top of all the other annoying bull crap Google has been pulling over the last 5 years.

Xylight ,
@Xylight@lemdro.id avatar

Those are not material icons, please don't google

hopefully these are just a test or something

avidamoeba ,
@avidamoeba@lemmy.ca avatar

It was good while it lasted. Nearly 10 years.

Sanctus ,
@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Just let me make my custom ones the default. Let Icon Pack Studio set that.

UESPA_Sputnik ,
@UESPA_Sputnik@lemmy.world avatar

This is a belated April Fool's joke, right? This looks horrendous. Like the ugly child of iOS and Samsung icons.

blayde ,

These look a lot like iOS status icons, but I'm not familiar enough to say for sure

nexusband ,
@nexusband@lemmy.world avatar

I wish Google would use the haptics engine more. It's been incredibly capable since the Pixel 6...

newthrowaway20 , (edited )

Funny, I think it's used a ton and it's so ubiquitous in some situations that I forget it's even there, but immediately notice it's absence.

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